30 March 2022

Lucky lottery winners will compete to higher league

Relegation or promotion for Nations league 2022 - 23 season - European version to league C or D, leg 2:

Kazakhstan - Moldova 0:1, on penalties: 5-4

Scorer: 0:1 12 (12.08) Igor Armas

Cyprus - Estonia 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 19 Marinos Tzionis
               2:0 50 Peiros Sotiriou

- Because of two yellow card on 47 the home midfielder Danilo Spoljaric was sent off.

Additional information: for the tournament this year Cyprus have qualified onto C2, and Kazakhstan goes to C3 league. Their rivals from tonight have dropped into the lowest league system: Moldova are to D1 whilst in D2 is going to participate Estonia.


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