03 March 2022

One competition who is unlucky with last match of the season

For the third consecutive time the Champions league final will not happened at the previously original host city: the cause of the last two were because the health situation was spread in every corner of society, but this time the reason is completely something else.
On 24 February Russia began to bombard Ukraine, their war conflict is still ongoing, and who knows when it will be over. Just 24 hours later the European football organization has announced to move the last game of the competition from Saint Petersburg to Paris. So Gazprom arena is losing this duel who will now be played in Stade de France stadium on Saturday, 28 May at 21.00 CET.
Because of the current armed combat many sporting affiliations are excluding Russia as their member, and as Spartak Moscow has remained the only club competing in Europa league, the above confederation decided to do the same (after lots of pressure). As the team was automatically thrown out of the event, this means that their opponent Rasenballsport Leipzig without a fight has qualified for the last 8.


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