21 March 2022

Regional qualifiers continues without one team

On the following seven nights there will be plenty elimination matches that are going to be staged for three future tournaments.
It looks like the troubles of Oceania are resuming. After the natural disaster this January, another team had plenty of headaches (with the pandemic this time around) for which there was another withdrawal from the mini-qualifying competition for the World Cup 2022.
Yesterday Vanuatu has officially pulled out because they could barely composed a team for their first duel with Tahiti. Many players had been tested positive of the virus prior to the match which was obvious that they can only pulled out of the event. Also for the same reason today Cook islands had the same health trouble, so their game against the same rival (Tahiti) was postponed. Until now there is no information of whether or when this game will be played. Therefore the first group resumes its business with three teams.
In the penultimate week of this elimination tournament we will know the two teams who are going to play in the final. According to the schedule, the semi-final matches are expected to be staged on a weekend where new kick-off time is introduced.

21 March, Monday at 15.00 CET: Papua new Guinea - New Caledonia.
21 March, Monday at 18.00 CET: New Zealand - Fiji.

24 March, Thursday at 15.00 CET: Solomon islands - Tahiti.
24 March, Thursday at 18.00 CET: New Zealand - New Caledonia.
24 March, Thursday at 18.00 CET: Fiji - Papua new Guinea.

27 March, Sunday at 15.00 CET: winner of group A - second team from group B.
27 March, Sunday at 18.30 CET: champion of group B - runner-up from group A.


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