05 March 2022

Neutral terrain for two matches

From this week couple of news has happened concerning the World Cup competition which is starting in eight months time.
On the Asian continent the ten teams have to play two more games and that is how round one will be completely over. However, two of them would have to welcome their opponents on neutral soil (because of the pandemic situation), and both duels is going to be played in United Arab Emirates. The group B schedule between People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia says that they will meet at Sharjah stadium on 24 March. Rashid arena five nights later would host Syria - Iraq from group A.
As the ongoing armed conflict at Ukraine is causing plenty of trouble, Russia has been disqualified from the same competition at the European part. Originally its neighbour had to play outside its borders without showing the national flag and hymn, but after so much pressure at the European and world football organization on the last day of February were thrown out of the play-off games. Saying this, now instead of Russia - Poland (from the second semi-final pair), it is unknown whether the visitors would play either Sweden or Czech Republic [(in the second match or play-off final (as is also called)] because yesterday came the news that Russia will appeal to the Sport of arbitration for sport against the suspension.
Today it is announced that the semi-final play-off one Scotland - Ukraine had been thrown into doubt. With right the guests wants this cancelation, so most definitely this match is off schedule for the end of this month.


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