12 March 2022

Violent scenes that were severely punished

On 05 March it was an ordinary night when Queretaro and Atlas played their duel from the Mexican Clausura championship. It was supposed to be a great match between these two sides, the visitors were leading 1:0 until minute 63 where suddenly things turned really ugly for everyone. Uncontrollable violence from the stands had been transferred onto the pitch where both supportive groups mercilessly beat each other, family members were desperately trying to get away with their children from this madness as officials provided them with an escape rout by opening the gates while others have left via the tunnel. Some say the first are to blame, some say the second have started the fight, some say there were not enough security personnel onto the stadium, but the ending numbers do not lie: it left 26 people hurt including 3 critically. Shortly after, videos got circulating on social media showing how things got developed from the terrain and it did not look very good because all unallowed tools were used from beating, kicking, whipping, dragging and even stripping in definitely the most worst violent scenes that this sport have ever experienced. Deaths were not officially occurred here although some media announced figures. From this 'brief' report three days later came the answer from the Mexican football federation with obviously long list of punishments.
Police have arrested 14 hooligans at 08 March, however 2 of them got released due to lack of evidence. The home team would have to play one year behind close doors and this decision affects each game of the youth selection together with the women category. Barras, who is the name of the fan group of Queretaro, are not allowed to enter into the home stadium for three years plus there is also a year ban on the away matches. Visiting supporters, or Rojinegros, are banned to travel to any game in the following six months. The management group of Queretaro (Adolfo Rios, Gabriel Solares, Greg Taylor together with the president Manuel Velarde) is suspended for five years from the league, whilst their owners Grupo Caliente have to sell the club until the end of 2022, or automatically the control of the team takes Liga MX (Liga Mexicana) after that deadline. As the chaotic duel is concerned, it is registered 0:3 for the guests, and the home club would keep the status to compete at the Clausura who also had to deliver 1.5 million pesos (65.254 euros) financial fine.


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