21 March 2022

When six becomes five

The lower footballing 12 countries of Africa begins the new qualifying cycle for the continental jewel that is scheduled for the summer of 2023. But one of them decided to pull out from the Africa Cup of nations preliminary, and their rivals are the first travelers to the main qualifying group stage.
Eritrea had to play their preliminary duel with Botswana, but because of an unknown reason given of why the home federation did that on 03 March this pair was called off. This means that the visitors have qualified automatically to the next round. When the other five pairs is concerned they have to be played according to layout on two days (as it is very difficult to find kick-off times, the following games have to be taken with reserve).

23 March, Wednesday at 13.00 CET: Seychelles - Lesotho.
23 March, Wednesday at 14.00 CET: Djibouti - South Sudan (playing in Borg el Arab, Egypt).
23 March, Wednesday at 14.00 CET: Somalia - Eswatini (playing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania).
23 March, Wednesday at 17.00 CET: Chad - Gambia (playing in Yaounde, Cameroon).

24 March, Wednesday at 13.00 CET: Sao Tome e principe - Mauritius.


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