08 December 2020

Adopted fresh layout for commencing elimination path towards World Cup 2022

Because in every corner of the globe in the first part of 2020 there was a well known health problem for the football schedule, everything had to be re-written again so that confederations towards the end of this year can only confirm it. Exactly that what happened to one member which had already gave a green light to that suggestion three days ago.
As it is way behind, the North American and Caribbean region has accepted the new schedule for their elimination duels for the World Cup finals in two years time that supposed to have started at the end of August. This confederation is going to be played in an (slightly) altered format, thus three rounds have to conclude.
In phase one the lowest teams from places 06 until 35 (in the world ranking list from July 2020) who are divided in six groups of five, will kick off the journey at March and (beginning of) June 2021. Only the group winners will advance to the second stage where everything is going to be decided in 180 minutes of play (home and away game). The three predetermined duels have to be concluded within two nights: 12 and 15 June 2021. Winners from these three pairings will join the five best teams of the continent who will form an octagon tournament in the third and final round. Months for kick offs are: September, October and November 2021 together with January and March 2022, where in some of them can be played even three times or two. Finally, the fourth team will have to play an additional game or in here known as the inter-continental play-off which have to end in June (just five months before commencing of the World Cup).
For better understanding and graphical view the newest playing layout can be seen and download on the website of the confederation.


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