27 December 2020

Role models who have gone bad

The following couple of 'smart' guys are not really famous, but nevertheless, it has to be mentioned here because with its stupidity have broke the laws when tough epidemiologic measures are presented in their own countries. In both cases entertainment is the main topic.
Jack Grealish (somewhere) in March practically begged its followers on social media to stay at home and not go anywhere no matter what. However, as this rule did not applied to him, 24 hours later the 25-year-old 'wise' player went to a party and on return with his Range rover caused an accident hitting three parked vehicles, left the scene, and refused to do an alcohol test. On 15 December the Aston villa captain got a well deserved punishment (which honestly had to be even worse): revoking his driving license for nine months plus had to give 83.000 pounds (91.235 euros) [this conversion is presented from the written day]. Police have released the footage incident described above.

Continuing with the amusements there was another, but this time fresh from Belgium. Fabrice Ondoa called 10 of his friends in his home (two weekends ago), and the fun began, well...until the police came. Because house visits are strictly forbidden in the country, the officials wrote 11 reports, where also were verbally insulted. Learning about this and after disappointments, denials and accusations, the Cameroonian goalkeeper got fired by his club Oostende on the same day as the previous footballer.


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