30 December 2020

Unique gift for holiday season

The dream of each striker, midfielder or even defender is to deceive the opposing goalkeeper and push the ball into the net. Such deadly attacker seven nights ago scored his goal number 644 for Barcelona, and like that broke the record from Edson Arantes do Nascimento (mostly known as Pele) that was achieved for just one club. Now that this was given throughout the years what next?
Probably the 'worst nightmare' for all goalkeepers is Lionel Messi. For this special occasion and to also celebrate this digit, on 25 December with Budweiser have thought an excellent idea for the holidays: sending to all 'keepers of the goals' bottle of beer as many times as the 33-year-old put the ball behind their backs. An absolute recorder was the former 'number one' of Valencia, Diego Alves who received 21 bottles, followed by the Real Madrid ex goalkeeper Iker Casillas who were beaten 17 times by the Argentine...International 'number ones' also played part on this accomplishment as well.


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