25 December 2020

Euskadi wants dualized full membership

On 15 December an autonomous region in northern Spain have send a formal request to become a full members at the European and world football organization. Simply saying, Euskadi (in their own language) or the Basque likes to have its national team that will compete in qualifiers for the European and world championships, which is the reason why they (the Basque football association) send the necessary documents. Examples of such national teams that are presented in the papers comes from the 'old continent': Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and lately the overseas territory of Gibraltar (which is located south of Spain) are all parts of United Kingdom, together with the archipelago Faroe islands who is under the leadership of Denmark. Main project is to establish the Euskal selekzioa (Basque team) after the epidemic situation is completely gone, which is already playing unofficial friendly games mostly at the end of each year. Of course, all of the above, was send simultaneously in a letter to the Spanish football federation hoping that the agreement is going to be reached so that official confirmation is received for further steps to join towards the two affiliations.


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