14 December 2020

In search for team of year 2020

As a matter of fact this will look more like team of Champions league than team of 2020, because all 50 names are coming just from this tournament. From 01 December the European football organization is asking us (the spectators) to take part in the survey to pick the perfect 11 (but without substitutes). Our selection of favorite role models (players) can be done on their website, and in return the affiliation is giving away three valuable prizes. Deadline for finishing the 2 minutes job (or more) is January.
There are six formations given, so we have to chose from 5 goalkeepers, together with defenders, midfielders and attackers which in this section are of 15 names each. After the selection everyone is in contention of the prizes, who, of course, the major one is two tickets for the final of the above mentioned competition.
Picking our 11 of 2020 may occur for men and women category.


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