12 December 2020

Final for the third international club competition revealed

After Champions and Europa league, the 'old continent' awaits the third international club football event which is going to start next summer, that popularly is called the Conference league (or was briefly also known as Europa league 2).
This is mostly connected to Europa league because the winner is going to be promoted to this, second competition in significance, but before that happens lots of games have to be played. In general, here will participate clubs from countries which have low coefficient in the table (from place number 16 and onwards), and this is some kind of opportunity to prove themselves and climb one ladder (league) higher. Everything commences with three qualifying rounds plus one play-off stage. After that the official 2021-22 season begins, where 32 clubs will be left and divided into eight groups of four. Only the group winners will directly qualify for the last 16 phase, while the second and third group teams have to torture themselves a little bit more, playing duels with each other for the rest and final spots (for the last 16). Going (slowly) step by step we have already arrived at the final duel of this young club tournament, where on 03 December the European football confederation have disclosed that Albanian capital Tirana is going to host it on 25 May 2022 at the Arena Kombetare. The budget for this event is going to worth 240 million euros, and these digits are around two and a half times less than playing at Europa league tournament. Just in comparison: by mentioning this event, clubs who are qualified for the group stages are going to divide 3.1 million euros, while 1.24 million are going to split the teams who will participate at the group phases of the Conference league.
Creating a completely new tournament has always a purpose, as the idea is to lessen the burden of Europa league (Cup) competition which from 48 is going to have 32 teams, and in it are going to participate clubs from just the first 15 strongest national leagues.


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