05 December 2020

Schedule for semi finals performed

Yesterday night was the draw for the Nations league closing stages, where it was supposed only to connect four teams that qualified for the finals that will be played in Italy from 06 until 10 October 2021.
On the first Wednesday of that month the hosts are going to meet Spain in Milan, while 24 hours later Belgium and France at Torino will conclude the semi final line-up. In the finish of the week two duels have to be staged: the same place is going to welcome the loosing teams from the above two games (just to determine which one is going to be third), and the grand final is rewarded to Milan where new champions will be crowned.
What is more interesting, is that not a single team from the 2019 finals is going to appear next year.
At the related news from this tournament is that one postponed duel from the group stages was decided without a play and sweat. Last Wednesday the European confederation officially confirmed that Switzerland - Ukraine duel (that was suspended due to virus cases at the visiting camp) is already registered 3:0. Because this duel was decisive of who is going to stay or who is going to be relegated this result means that the home team will remain in A league, whilst the guests are going into league B.


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