24 December 2020

No more enormous wages for strangers

Future foreigners who will and are currently playing in People's Republic of China from 01 January 2021 are going to receive limited amount of salary. At a meeting from 14 December the Chinese football association decided the following regulations:
In the top championship (Chinese super league) an overseas players should not exceed the wage level of 24 million yuan before tax (3 million euros) annually. Exceptions may be done to those footballers who overstep this number, signing with the team an 'additional agreement' in their contract. Domestic footballers maximum can earn in one season 5 million yuan pre tax (630.242 euros). For breaking these rules the punishment is from deducting plenty of points, to throwing out the club in lower leagues. When we are on the teams topic, every year they can spend of up to 600 million yuan (75.7 million euros). Also, nearly all of them (clubs) have to erase their ownership name from the official one.
On Chinese league one (second championship in significance) the limits are: 3 million yuan (378.145 euros) for home and international players may earn up to 1.5 million yuan (189.072 euros) per season. Each team competing at this level have a barrier until 200 million yuan (25.2 million euros).
All conversions written here are from the mentioned day.


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