16 December 2020

Unbelievable goal

We have seen lots of beautiful targets in this sport: from corner kicks, half a pitch, or even volleys...but the next one is certainly rare, where you do not see this every day / night on any matches, because the way it was scored was simply amazing and can not be described with words of how the ball rolled into the net (that far). Most strangest thing is that the following goal was given directly from throw-in, there was a light touch from the opposing goalkeeper but before all that, comes...the acrobacy.

Explanation: this specialty was given on 07 December in the game between Gol Gohar and Paykan from the Persian Gulf pro league at Islamic Republic of Iran. Like others, it was an ordinary duel until the seventh minute where the visiting defender Nader Mohammadi has done something unique. Because under the football rules goal scored by hand is forbidden, on the scoreboard was written the opposing number one goalkeeper Alireza Haghighi (who like that has shaken its own net). However, for sure all the credit goes to the Paykan player who is already into the history books with his creativity.


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