31 December 2020

Various types of punishments

Last week three different players have been penalized according of their doings. Majority of them has been handed a deserved financial fine, while some were very light.
At 19 December Borussia Monchengladbach played against Hoffenheim, while two days later Marcus Thuram was removed from football on five games. The home striker spitted an opposing footballer (Stefan Posch) who then received a direct red card. Stupidity like this that can be seen on social media, costed the 23-year-old 40.000 euros, which is equivalent to his one monthly pay. Apologies came after the duel, but it was way too late.
For betting on his own transfer from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid in July 2019 for 22 million euros, eight days ago Kieran Trippier was punished with 70.000 pounds (77.000 euros) from the English football association. On top of that, he got a forceful rest from this sport for two and a half months or 10 weeks as an additional penalty. He denied seven accusations about this case, however four were proven.
On 25 December the Moscow court have sentenced a former Russian captain to 100 hours of community service. Playing on a humanitarian match this August, Roman Shirokov knocked down to the ground and kicked the amateur referee Nikita Danchenko in an anger because he did not gave a penalty. Video of this incident is available on social media.


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