13 December 2020

'You have to give me good financial boost to receive a gift from referee'

Because players are really 'poor' by getting small amount of finances, four 'smart guys' have decided how to become rich overnight, but obviously were not careful enough in their scam so they are lightly detected.
On 02 December at Sweden they are accused obtaining and giving bribery in football. An unnamed Elfsborg player (somewhere) in May 2019 deliberately made a foul and was awarded with yellow card from the official, and for that 'minor' thing got 'an easy' 300.000 Swedish krona (27.752 euros of that month and year). Footballer who is playing at lower leagues has received payments on six occasions from April until August 2019, and now both of them are facing jail term of up to two years. And because money has to come from someone, two more sloppy masterminds are going to appear in court who like that broke the national laws of gambling.


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