18 December 2020

Complaint about a game that was not even played

On 17 November Switzerland and Ukraine had to play their last game of the Nations league competition. However, this final duel from the sixth round did not even start because of the virus cases found in the visiting team. As this was a crucial duel for both teams in terms of staying and leaving, shortly after the cancelation, the European football association automatically registered the score as 3:0 which meant Switzerland has remained its league A status while Ukraine was relegated into B league.
Less than one month later this decision certainly did not like the losing side where they filed a complaint last Friday at the Court of arbitration for sport. For this duel four options remains: the guests has requested a new re-scheduled match or a lottery will be performed. And if this is chosen, then there are three scenarios: a scoreless draw together with 1:0 win for either team. There is no further news of what is going to happen to this case.


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