02 June 2018

Additional World Cup 2018 material

Nowadays there is a fashion that every thing have to have a title and a subtitle. If we say that the World Cup 2018 in Russia is a title, then we are missing a subtitle. Probably the world football organization forgot to ask the fans in a form of a quiz (about a vacant subtitle), but FIFA worked 'very hard' to introduce slogans and even had time for one song.
If it is a trick or not we will never find out, but for charging their batteries, boost and moral all 32 representatives must have a slogan which is going to decorate their busses. Whenever they see them players have to give their maximum in order its team to go higher and higher. Spectators who gave this winning suggestions are also going to be present at this football festival, so here are all victorious names picked up from last Thursday.

Argentina: Together for a dream.
Australia: Be brave, be bold, 'Socceroos' in green and gold.
Belgium: 'Red devils' on a mission.
Brazil: More than 5 stars, 200 million hearts.
Colombia: Here goes 1 dream, 3 colors and 50 million hearts.
Costa Rica: Nothing is impossible when a whole country plays.
Croatia: Small country, big dreams.
Denmark: Together we make history.
Egypt: When you say Pharaohs, the world must get up and listen.
England: Send us victorious.
France: Your strength, our passion! Come on 'Les bleus'!.
Germany: Let's write history together.
Iceland: Let's make our dream come true.
Islamic Republic of Iran: 80 million people, 1 nation, 1 heartbeat.
Japan: It's time to battle, 'Samurai blue'!.
South Korea: Tigers of Asia, conquer the world.
Mexico: Made in Mexico, made for victory.
Morocco: The 'Atlas lions', pride of Morocco.
Nigeria: The wings of African pride.
Panama: Panama the force of two seas.
Peru: We are back! 30 million Peruvians are travelling here.
Poland: Go Poland!.
Portugal: The past is glory, the present is history.
Russia: Play with an open heart.
Saudi Arabia: Desert knights.
Senegal: Impossible is not Senegalese.
Serbia: One team, one dream - Serbia!.
Spain: Together we are invincible.
Sweden: Together for Sweden.
Switzerland: Four languages, one nation.
Tunisia: Russia here comes the eagles hand in hand, players and fans.
Uruguay: The sun shines in Russia, the sky is all light blue.

Important information: Those words who are in quotation marks are actually nicknames of the teams (this applies only for the list).

To be more fun and for fans to have a wild party, before the play itself, football is nothing without a music. For almost every final in various tournaments this sounded cultural activity is an unavoidable part and thus the World Cup 2018 is getting its own song. One day from all the above announced phrases written here, 'Live it up' became the official song of the event which is performed by Era Istrefi, Nicky Jam and Will Smith. When the competition starts this musical piece is going to be listened throughout the country for a whole month, already is present on various platforms and the video release will be next Thursday, one week before this worldwide watched sporting event.


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