12 June 2018

Incidents are filling the UEFA cash desk

They were supposed to be announced 31 May, but (as always) the European football organization delayed all decisions for 04 June and onwards for the last punishments in both European league competitions in 2017-18 season. Instead of penalizing the controllers and security at the stadium gates, again spectators are at fault and thus clubs have to pay different amounts for the following incidents: (as there are many cases, we divided all matches by rounds, from higher to smaller)

Champions league.
1. We begin from round of 16 matches where cases were opened in two duels: Besiktas - Bayern Munich and Roma - Shakhtar Donetsk. At the first game only the home team is punished with 34.000 euros. Turkish fans throwed various objects on the pitch, stairways were blocked plus the club has organized a poor match. Only for fireworks and specialy time wasting by the boys who are giving the ball back to the players the Italian team got a warning for the second case, however nevertheless has to deliver 7.000 euros. Also there was inappropriate banners in the game, thus this case was removed away.
2. We all remember the game Real Madrid - Juventus from the quarter finals, where the unfamous and inexperienced referee gave a direct red card to the legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in the ninety-third minute. Because this player 'lost his nerves', he is removed for the next 3 games and escaped without a fine.
3. Next is the quarter final duel Barcelona - Roma with a little bizarre 'incident' with balloons. As it is obvious that the wind cannot be punished the home team got only a warning. Whether to stop these 'sharp' objects who are flying freely or permanently stop the windy weather, this warning will never be clear.
4. Closing this competition is with the semi final duel Bayern Munich - Real Madrid where the home club has to pay for everything. German fans are accused on couple of cases: inappropriate banners and pitch invasions, and of course, financial fine of 25.000 euros.

Europa league.
1. At round of 32, Athletic Bilbao - Spartak Moscow match is the only where both clubs are punished and have to deliver 95.000 euros in total. Spectators of the home team are accused of: fireworks, fighting, objects throwing to the pitch, and the club itself with poor organization. Thus, the Spanish team have to give 40.000 euros, plus to close a section of the stadium for its next home game. Russian club has to say goodbye to 55.000 euros as its fans 'copied' their rival spectators and are indicted of the same things. Also, Spartak Moscow supporters are forbidden to travel for the next two matches.
2. Fans from the second Russian team in this competition, who were guilty of objects throwing, blocking stairways and racist behavior is Zenit Saint Petersburg. In a game against RasenBallsport Leipzig at round of 16, the club is going to be short of 50.000 euros, plus their next game will be without home supporters in their stadium.
3. The second team from Moscow who is punished is CSKA. The team has to give away 20.000 euros, because its fans against Arsenal in quarter final duel, threw fireworks, various objects and were blocking the stairways.
4. Lastly, in this report is the match from semi final round between Atletico Madrid and Arsenal. The winners of the tournament have to deliver 18.000 euros as their fans blocked the stairways.


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