13 June 2018

Decision made for World Cup 2026 hospitality

Now we know where the World Cup is going to be held in the next three events: Russia (which is starting tomorrow), Qatar (at 2022), and for the first time three countries will welcome the twenty-third edition of this tournament for 8 years time.
Canada, United States of America (USA) and Mexico also are going to host record number of teams starting from 2026: 48. That was decided today where the North American bid which gathered 134 votes, beating the only competitor Morocco collecting 65 points, who failed to get this tournament for the fifth time.
It was earlier decided that out of 80 games, 10 each are going to held in Canada and Mexico, while the rest will be played (60) in USA. Out from this trio only Canada did not stage this event for men, but now have much of experience when the country hosted the World Cup 2015 for women. Also is known that for the finals there is going to be formed 16 groups of three teams. When this is all familiar upfront, nobody yet knows what kind of qualifying system is going to be played to get to the expanded finals.


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