08 June 2018

Ronaldo wants to buy a club

In here it is not the current player who is practically blackmailing the club (with high salary) in question, but this is the story about (for many) the real Ronaldo.
Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, or simply called Ronaldo, in January discovered how he plans to purchase a second division club from either Spain or England. While the 41-year-old did not reveal any details about the second country, he did gave a name from the first one. Eight days ago, Brazilian newspaper 'O Globo' uncovered that the former striker is interested buying Real Valladolid for around 30 million euros. 'It would be a great honour to preside over the Brazil football federation, but before I want to have experience managing a great club', said the ex wizard-legend.
On the other side, current president of the Spanish team Carlos Suarez confirmed nothing, however local media is saying that, for him, this offer is more then tempting.


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