13 June 2018

Last signed agreements before world sports 2018 festival

Just six days (last Friday) before the start of the world sporting occasion this year, FIFA made deal with couple of more companies from PR China. With the current agreement they will advertise freely throughout stadiums in Russia, and also are joined with 4 other mega companies from their own country who are going to be Asian regional supporters for this football festival. We can say that both newcomers are related with this game, plus both have entered together on the World Cup 2018 scene.
Latest brands which are joined to be part of this spectacle are: the technology and entertainment company - Luci, and an clothing company for men - Diking. 'It is a great honour to become an official regional supporter of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia', have said in a similar statements, among others, both leading men from these companies: president Li Kirin from Lucy and vice president of Diking Qi Lv.
This is by far an excellent strategy for these two debutants as through this global event both will be seen in every corner of the world from a completely new market.


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