30 June 2018

South Korean-Mexican football relations

This is the story of how two nations can have friendly relations. If the first is doing a positive thing for the other, then the second country should respond as twice as much for the gratitude.
In the final games of the group stages everybody saw how the brave South Korean team humiliate the world champions Germany at stoppage time. Even the longest second half in this World Cup of almost nine and a half minutes (to be precise 9.19) did not help the Germans to score a goal, which meant Mexico could start to celebrate.
Over in their capital, it was a real party and a feast of joy, because their team qualified has for the knockout round. A group of jubilant supporters headed towards South Korean embassy in order to thank them for the passage. When the general consul Han Byuong-Jin was among the fans, and to be more fun, carried him on their backs, together with the song 'Korean brother, now you are Mexican', plus the traditional drink tequila was also present...


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