17 June 2018

'You chose not to play with us'

In an important football events, like the World Cup for instance, everyone wants to take an advantage to have 'fun' on the account on players. Their embarrassment and mistakes of many (famous players) have been watched carefully even from politicians.
Everybody knows by now, how the Argentine main star failed to convert an 11 metre punishment for his team against Iceland today. The defence Minister of Israel Avigdor Liberman have barely even waited this (lifetime) chance towards Lionel Messi to make an error and took this opportunity to 'advise' him via social media. 'We saw in the game against Iceland how Messi needed the match against Israel', said the politician. This sentence from the 59-year-old actually did tell how Argentina did not needed to suspend the friendly game against Israel, who was scheduled even before the World Cup 2018 began. We all know why that duel was cancelled, so this was just a 'warning' of how the striker should prepare for future matches...


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