16 June 2018

Double punishment earlier - three goals later

In games from yesterday we saw three things occurring for the first time at the World Cup 2018 (well...one of them is unfortunate, but it has to be mentioned): an own goal and a penalty. At the night session, which was that 11 metre punishment, was also a one superb goal (from play) plus the whole match was a real derby (even of the whole first round). 
However, we missed to mention the third and most important thing: one of the best players of the tournament (so far) scored a hat trick - Cristiano Ronaldo.
But earlier in the day this name was mentioned in one newspaper (this time for a bad thing). 'El Mundo' wrote that the 33-year-old has admitted for 4 fiscal offences in court, by obtaining around 15 million euros illegally. Hiding them from tax authorities, now the player have to pay 18.8 million euros plus was given 2 year jail sentence (which will not happen). Those 24 months have to be replaced with another financial fine, and the deal, which the player made, has to be defined by the prosecutor.
Probably this was not a good timing to announce the final decision in court before the game, because the world class Real Madrid striker gave his opponents three goals, out of which the third was an absolute beauty...


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