17 June 2018

Disarray amongst African football officials

Probably it is an easy thing of becoming a referee these days, but if you are engaged on illegal activities and receive 'money under the table' you have to be careful not to be caught. If you are not vigilant enough, it most likely that you will face consequences plus have a severe punishment. This next story is about our 'heroes' of the game as couple of football officials from last week in Africa were caught how they are taking bribe. One is excluded from an important event (although there is no official confirmation about it), while the other has resigned.
We begin in Kenya where Aden Marwa Range was filmed how he took bribes from a investigative journalist who pretended to be a Ghanaian football official. The secret video was released last Thursday, which showed how he was paid off around 52.000 euros at 2017 in a hotel lobby to fix a game at competition in Ghana. 'Thank you for the gift. But what is important is the friendship for us to know each other.' said the 41-year-old. This official was selected to 'perform justice' at the World Cup 2018, but until now there is no verification from FIFA that he is removed from the list, although media already reported that Aden Marwa Range have said goodbye to Russia.
President of the football association of Ghana Kwesi Nyantakyi is suspended for 90 days from FIFA for the same matter, as he received gifts for shopping of around 58.000 euros. For this violation and after the video was out he resigned last Friday, and even there was reports that he was arrested. Police have raided the premises of the association, locked down the offices and declared the building as a crime scene. Also, the president of the country requested a thorough investigation.


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