06 June 2018

Presidential promise

Serbia is a small, proud nation which has many talented sportsmen/sportswomen and also is very, very rich in sports. It is enough only to mention their icon and hero Novak Djokovic, but lately an other 11 players (who changes every time) have conquered the hearts of many local citizens and beyond its borders. Nobody has predicted that this Balkan country will qualify for the World Cup in Russia, and yet, are now lurking from shadows as potential winners. However, the question is: is it for the group or for lifting the overall trophy, nevertheless suppose to be that both options are possible. If other teams are not careful enough it may easily be the second scenario, and if they achieve that then a record prize is going to be waiting when the team will return home.
At the beginning of this month Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia for local media, said that is expecting its team to accomplish outstanding results and promised highly to reward the players. Taking the title and finishing first place at the event footballers could take 10 million euros, losing the World Cup final match (going home with silver medal) 5 million euros are guaranteed, and if the team passes their group each one will take 500.000 euros.
No one believed him when he predicted that the country is going to collect 8 medals at 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - which was done, and for 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) that 12 medals will arrive. Speaking for the upcoming world sport festival, the 48-year-old politician said that he have huge belief in players. He did not foresee nothing, but probably any of the above 3 options are more than good.


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