10 June 2018

Kits for 'men in blue' at world football occasion

Whether this next story is true we can never confirm, plus FIFA is staying silent (or they do not want to reveal this kind of information as there is nothing about it at their site), which means that this news have to be treated as reserve although it was reported in local media.
Every national football team is responsible for its own kit, but who dresses the 'neutral men' who are leading the match? Last Monday N1 television has announced that referees, assistants and delegates at the World Cup 2018 are going to wear the equipment which is produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The factory 'Sanino' in Prnjavor already have made particular series of 351 pairs of Adidas football boots from top quality consisted of clanged leather material, golden plated threads with engraved logo of the World Cup event. 'This is a special, unique series which probably Adidas will not produce it anymore', said the factory president Radovan Pazurevic.


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