13 June 2018

Full stadiums are expected

With one week remaining (07 June) until the start of World Cup 2018 festival, FIFA has said that 2.403.116 tickets were sold.
Russian spectators still hold first place, as they bought high numbers of those 'golden papers' - 871.797. For the international fans most tickets was bought from: United States of America 88.825, Brazil 72.512, Colombia 65.234, Germany 62.541, Mexico 60.302, Argentina 54.031, Peru 43.583, PR China 40.251, Australia 36.359, England 32.362, making the demand for the entries 54 percent. Just a night later (08 June) the world football organization has released more than 100.000 tickets, which were meant for their various groups, so until tonight (13 June) those could have been easily sold away instantly.
All these numbers may change, as tickets are going to be purchased until the last day of the competition.


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