11 June 2018

One month of 'football holiday'

National championships in Europe are over (except some), both European Cups are finished and now we are only left to enjoy a perfect opportunity that occur every 4 years: to watch world class football. For the first time the World Cup is going to be held in Eastern Europe as Russia will be the center of the sporting stage where 32 teams are going to entertain us 31 days/nights who will play in 12 venues at 11 cities across the country. To these numbers we will add 736 players (which unfortunately we are not going to see them all on the pitch), but surely those who are known will be performing the very best of this sport. Also we have to welcome 2 newcomers to the 2018 sports festival event: Iceland (as the smallest country ever to qualify for World Cup finals) and Panama. In a (little bit) longest sentence: from middle of June until middle of July is starting the twenty-first World Cup edition, out of which first duel is only 4 days away. The schedule for next week looks like this:

14 June, Thursday at 17.00 CET: Russia - Saudi Arabia.

15 June, Friday at 14.00 CET: Egypt - Uruguay.
15 June, Friday at 17.00 CET: Morocco - Islamic Republic of Iran.
15 June, Friday at 20.00 CET: Portugal - Spain.

16 June, Saturday at 12.00 CET: France - Australia.
16 June, Saturday at 15.00 CET: Argentina - Iceland.
16 June, Saturday at 18.00 CET: Peru - Denmark.
16 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Croatia - Nigeria.

17 June, Sunday at 14.00 CET: Costa Rica - Serbia.
17 June, Sunday at 17.00 CET: Germany - Mexico.
17 June, Sunday at 20.00 CET: Brazil - Switzerland.


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