14 June 2018

No chickens allowed

This next story had a (little bit unusual) demand towards Russian authorities by entering a live animal symbol (not presenting harm in any way for people) into the stadium from spectators of one African country.
For an opening match against Croatia, Nigerian fans hoped to bring live chickens into the stands. Simply they believe that painted in green and white color, these animals may bring good luck for the national team. Unfortunately, today their request was turned down by the Minister of culture and tourism Andrei Ernak, who also found a solution as well: 'We told them that it is by no means possible to come with a live chicken. But if the Nigerians are rooting for their team in other places, we will of course advise them where the chicken can be bought'.
The same thing hapenned at World Cup 2010 in South Africa, where Nigerians were also disappoined without chickens in Johannesburg. Later it proved that spectators were right: the 'Super Eagles' lost by a single goal from Argentina.


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