29 November 2016

Brazilian deadly tragedy

From 81 people on board (72 passengers and 9 crew members), 76 were killed in a plane crash that was carrying Brazilian players late Monday night. Most of them were from the Chapecoense team, who on 23 November played against Argentina's San Lorenzo in the Copa Sudamericana semifinal game. Three of them reportedly survived the accident, according to authorities: Alan Luciano Ruschel, Marcos Danilo Padilha, Jacson Ragnar Follmann. Club physiotherapist Rafael Correa Gobbato and stewardess Ximena Suarez also survived. The team was travelling to Colombia to play the Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional from Medellin, but now the event has been cancelled.
After a stop in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the LAMIA flight was heading to Colombia. According to reports, the plane broke into two parts and did not catch fire. It crashed 50 kilometers from Medellin in the mountainous area called Cerro Gordo due to electrical failure. 'It is a tragedy of huge proportions' said Medellin mayor Federico Gutierrez who was on site where the accident occurred.
Among other things, local radio stated that the same plane transported Argentina's players for the World cup South American qualifying game against Brazil earlier this month.


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