15 November 2016

Resuming with last round of qualifiers for this year

Little by little, and after continuous play, we have reached round 12 in South American World cup qualifiers. The derby of the region is behind us and the following morning we have another similar match concerning one of the participating team. Are they recovered enough from last week's match to come and win this crucial game for them?

- Bolivia - Paraguay. We now can say that Bolivia has disappointed once again in the qualifiers. Now 'the green' are playing just for pride and this evening they welcome a team who is fighting for Russia. Many famous teams are having difficult times to adapt in La Paz because of the elevation. One of the highest is in the capital of the country and local players have no problem causing an upset results. Due to that Bolivia is considered favorites to take the game. Paraguay for sure will not give up, but all the points should stay at home.
- Ecuador - Venezuela. After their (surprise) win against Bolivia last week, Venezuela tonight face a tougher opponent. The team is how they are fearing to score an away goals, and with an excellent home record with the hosts, makes Ecuador a winner. With three points the hosts will have morale boost for securing one of the automatic spots for the finals and start 2017 from the upper part of the table.
- Argentina - Colombia. Argentina self complicated its position on the table last week and currently are lying outside qualification for the World cup. After the derby, los Gauchos are playing another tough game in this campaign against a team who will not sit back and 'lend' points easily. Currently third, Colombia are hoping to break their weak defence many times and possibly to stage an upset. There is a possibility that these two will play an exciting draw as both are very excellent.
- Chile - Uruguay. Like the previous pair this is also an interesting match to watch by knowing that Chile is inviolable at home and both teams can create and score goals. Relying primarily on their best players Uruguay is hoping to steal away the victory. As rarely are producing wins against this rival sharing of points is the only solution.
- Peru - Brazil. Question of the qualifiers so far is that who can beat the unstoppable Brazilians. Selecao is in perfect run of victories and it seems like it will continue in the morning also. Peru is a good team but their they are making too many errors at the back. Lacking good defence against the leaders could only lead to a catastrophe. Whatever their mood will be, the Brazilian players would only want to end this year on a high note with writing new victory.


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