02 November 2016

Last matches from round four

Second day of the month belongs to the last games from matchday four. Unlike yesterday, tonight we have to expect lots of goals while some pairs are already been determined upfront.

- Borussia Dortmund - Sporting. Borussia Dortmund are struggling at the moment in the championship, but in the Champions league group phase they are playing very well. Lots of draws at home should not concern the Germans, where tonight are playing Sporting. Portuguese club's form is currently questionable at the moment so it should be an 'easy' three points for the hosts.
- FC Copenhagen - Leicester. Danish champions looks very confident at tome and the club should get the second win in the group. On the other hand Leicester proves to be strong side but lately they are off form. That is why Copenhagen have to sweat a little bit more to secure the win. However, the visitors will do everything to hold them back.
- Legia - Real Madrid. If you are an astray and dreadful club, who barely score any goals, and (on top of that) you are playing on an empty stadium against the best in the group and current champion of the competition, that is equal to imminent catastrophe (more or less). Further discussion of who will be victorious in this pair is going to end here. Furthermore, Real Madrid will see this (only) as an light training.
- Monaco - CSKA Moscow. CSKA Moscow may be champions in Russia but in here they are struggling to record the first victory. Unfortunately, that (bad luck) is going to continue even this evening when they take the leaders in the group. Monaco is just inviolable at home and will assure that three points will not leave the stadium.
- Porto - Club Brugge. We can expect (out of nothing) that in this match Porto will score plenty of goals. Club Brugge's away travelings are not very pleasant, so another visiting disaster may happen.
- Sevilla - Dinamo Zagreb. This is an absolutely copy / paste from the previous game. No matter how Sevilla is playing bad, the Europa league winners will always be favorites against a team who never poses a big threat. Dinamo Zagreb did not score a goal so far, so the drought is looking to continue for another 90 plus minutes.


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