17 November 2016

Dark days predicted for the football museum

Opened barely nine months ago, with investment of 140 million Swiss francs (128 million euros at the time), the FIFA museum in Zurich will soon be closed. Sources close to the museum said that financial losses are the main reason for the lockdown (as always) and doors will be closed for public in May. The new museum director has told that FIFA has decided to close the place next summer, but there is no official confirmation from the world football organization.
Since the opening, the place on average has 11.000 visitors on a monthly basis. For 2016 it was predicted that it will have between 130.000 and 150.000 guests a year, and that number should rise to 250.000 until 2018.
FIFA later explained that the director Stefan H. Jost left his duty at the end of October due to future strategies for the museum (maybe they told the truth after all).


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