22 November 2016

Sending a (wrong) lawyer that supports a dishonest club

For many, the following story may be comical but unfortunately true. What will you do if your former club is experiencing trouble and you have an 'inside man' to bring it out from greed?
Last week FIFA has given a role to Theodore Giannikos to pull out Olympiacos, who are accused of match fixing. The world football organization previously has concluded an 'extensive and thorough' process before appointing the Court of Arbitration for Sport judge and UEFA club competitions member to defend the perennial Greek champions. 
President of the club, Evangelos Marinakis is awaiting a criminal decision on a charge of match fixing. To make the irony greater: Giannikos was a vice president for nine years of the same team he is going to defend. In other words: sending an own man to extract the club out of trouble.


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