17 November 2016

Drunk captain

What will you do if a famous uninvited professional player suddenly appears at your wedding and on top of that...drunk? Wayne Rooney humiliate himself like that and after he realized what he has done he apologized later. But will 'I am sorry' be enough for his behavior?
After a World cup qualifying victory last Friday against Scotland, the English captain went on to 'party' himself. After his 'wild fun' and girls beside him, he stormed drunk on the wedding ceremony in a hotel in Watford, where the team also was staying there. First journalists who uncovered his wedding mess was "The Sun". Everybody thought that this was some kind of prank. However, the proof came day later with pictures of the player how he barely stands on his feet.
After this scandal it is more likely that the 31 year old Rooney will be sanctioned by the FA.


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