26 November 2016

Prize money announced

Just a day before the teams find out who will play who, FIFA has revealed allocation of the prize money in the Confederations cup next year. In total, 8 teams will share 20 million dollars (18.952.300 euros). Teams from fifth to eight place will each get 1.7 million dollars (1.610.950 euros) while 2.5 million dollars (2.369.040 euros) is going to receive the fourth place team. Bronze medalist (third team) will collect 3 million dollars (2.842.850 euros), 'consolation' prize will get the loosing finalist with 3.6 million dollars (3.411.420 euros) and 2017 Confederations cup champion will be 'rich' with 4.1 million dollars (3.885.220 euros). 
From 17 June until 02 July we will find out which continent / country is dominating world football in the next four years. The event will be held in four cities across Russia: St. Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow and Sochi, exactly one year before the main competition - World Cup. There will be two groups with four teams each. So far it is only known that the hosts of the tournament will be positioned as first team in group A. Until now, seven teams are known that will take part in the tournament: hosts Russia, world champion Germany plus five champions of their confederations -  New Zealand (Oceania), Australia (Asia), Portugal (Europe), Mexico (CONCACAF) and Chile (CONMEBOL). The sixth and last regions champion (African traveler) will be known in early February at the African Nations Cup competition.
The draw for the Confederations cup will be held on Saturday in Kazan from 16.00 CET.


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