06 November 2016

Ten associations penalized

The world football organizations has punished 10 FA's primarily for the World cup qualifying games which happened last month. After all match reports were in the main reason is discrimination, something which at FIFA is intolerable.
Argentina, Chile and Ukraine each has to pay 15.000 Swiss francs (13.883 euros), Estonia and Paraguay will deliver 5.000 Swiss francs more (18.510 euros), with 25.000 Swiss francs (23.138 euros) is sanctioned Brazil, newcomers Kosovo is fined with 30.000 Swiss francs (27.766), IR Iran is punished with 45.000 Swiss francs (41.648 euros) and the 'absolute leaders' for this bad and dumb habit from the supporters are Albania and Croatia who are penalized with 50.000 Swiss francs (46.276 euros) each.
In total, the organization will be rich for 285.000 Swiss francs (263.774 euros) just from these nations.


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