06 November 2016

Island countries versus FIFA

FIFA already is going to collect enormous sum from just 10 associations and the main offender are the supporters, with their old and bad habit. In all the situations the tournament was from last month's World cup qualifying for Russia. Next week we will have the last World cup qualifiers for this year, and from what reports are saying, more fines can be announced as some countries are showing defiance from the start. Only this time the main culprit will be the associations - themselves.
Harsh penalties (with no excuses) are expected for those who goes against FIFA. But England, Scotland and Wales are determined to do on their own way. As last European qualifiers start from next Friday that is also the Remembrance day (Armistice day). This week the world football organization banned wearing poppies and black armbands as that (indeed) shows political, religious and commercial message. However the three mentioned associations above, who wants to mark this important day, are resolute on the case and announced wearing these insignia.
Who will win we will find out from 11 November where England is playing Scotland, and day later when Wales entertain Serbia.


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