23 November 2016

Three different time slots

Last games that are played tonight for this month in the Champions league are from groups A to D. One unusual time slot is making a debut this season at the competition in a night on true champions' battle.

- Rostov - Bayern. The night starts with winless Rostov take on giants Bayern, who are already qualified onto the next stage. Many clubs are relaxed after doing the business earlier, but the Germans are determined to finish on top in group D. Bundesliga champions should not have any problems stealing the away victory against a team which is still fighting to get that magical third place. At least they hope to pull this hard battle with a draw, however the powerful visitors would not allow that (if approach at the match is serious enough).
- Besiktas - Benfica. Both teams can join the next stage, so in this direct duel the winner (might) take it all tonight. In this unusual playing time, the only bad thing for Besiktas is that there are no home victories in the campaign so far and Benfica will seek that as an opportunity. Although this is the truly champions' clash (both teams have won titles in their own country), this can look like real derby where one of the traveler can be decided. Hard fighting is expected, lots of action, both can score goals (or none), but at the end a draw will be enough (and postpone the judgement day for the last round).
- Atletico Madrid - PSV Eindhoven. Playing first against last always gives you an impression there will be easy victory for the top team. But Atletico Madrid wants to secure that first place at any cost because at the last matchday in December they will face with much difficult club, so they are determined to win this game. Currently PSV Eindhoven are in fight with Rostov for the Europa league place and it seems that will be decided in their last battle in two weeks time. Tonight Vicente Calderon must keep all three points.
- Celtic - Barcelona. After Besiktas - Benfica, this game is a second genuine champions' battle. If we compare it to the mentioned match, the only difference here is that Celtic is playing with a much tougher opponent (which everything is said about them). There is a slim chance for the hosts to keep playing European competition in the spring and in order to do that the Scots have to win tonight's match. We are not going to mention anything about Barcelona, except they will steal away the win.
- Ludogorets Razgrad - Basel. Game number three where champions of Bulgaria is playing against Switzerland's title holders. In reality Ludogorets Razgrad is a stronger team, but Basel possesses so much strength in them to surprise. As this is also a direct clash of who is going to proceed to the Europa league knockout phase in the spring, it can be also called a second 'low' derby match. Although it smells that it will be another draw between them still the hosts are little bit closer to victory.
- Napoli - Dynamo Kyiv. Napoli will not miss this opportunity to win the match where it will give them chances (maybe it will be decisive one) to qualify for the next stage. Without a victory in previous four games Dynamo Kyiv is out from Europe with, unfortunately, another loss.


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