20 November 2016

If you remain silenced you are automatically guilty

For defending 'someone greater' this football official has put his candidacy in jeopardy.
This Wednesday FIFA has punished Saoud A. Aziz al-Mohannadi for refusing to collaborate with the investigation as a witness against a third party, without naming the case. Last month the ethics committee recommended two and a half year ban, but in the end he received 'only' one year from all football activities. He was a vice president of Qatar FA and also the Asian football confederation. Likewise, al-Mohannadi was a nominee for the ruling council in FIFA which will be held 28 February in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Because he did not talk, the Qatari official also has to 'deliver' to the world football organization 20.000 Swiss francs (18.635 euros).


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