28 November 2016

First 2017 tournament for the last Caribbean place

On Thursday the Caribbean football union, part of CONCACAF region, has decided where to play the fifth place play-off for the Caribbean cup. Whoever win this mini-competition will have the right to participate in the Gold cup next summer.
Only three teams will battle it out for that final spot. Second place teams which qualified from the Caribbean qualifying third round are: Suriname (group 1), Haiti (group 2) and Trinidad and Tobago (group 4), while group 3 runner up Antigua and Barbuda has failed to qualify due to bad goal difference. These three will gather in Trinidad and Tobago from 04 until 08 January. And the winner will have the right, along with Jamaica, French Guiana, Curacao and Martinique, to appear at the north American championship or short Gold cup 2017. Ato Boldon stadium in Couva will host all three games which, converted in European times, have to look like this:

05 January, Thursday at 00.00 CET: Trinidad and Tobago - Suriname.

07 January, Saturday at 00.00 CET: Suriname - Haiti.

08 January, Sunday at 22.00 CET: Haiti - Trinidad and Tobago.

Before the main north American competition, we have to see which team will be Caribbean champion and the finals will happen from 22 - 25 June, while next month will be the Gold cup month.
Out from these three, the hosts Trinidad and Tobago wants to reach its tenth Gold cup appearance, Haiti will aim for the seventh, while for Suriname it will be the first. If the South American (tiny) nation is successful in the summer we can easily see two debutants at the major event.


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