29 November 2016

Tax authorities are no joke

Last week jail news sentences came out just like that, one after another. Two famous footballers could be facing prison for up to 12.6 months. Both of them are charged in the same state and for the same reason - tax evasion.
Neymar Jr. is probably more famous in court from the other so we will start with him first. Spanish prosecutors wants a two year prison sentence for the Brazilian and he is being accused for corruption (transfer irregularities). The 24 year old allegedly wanted to conceal the cost portion of his move from Santos to Barcelona. Besides jail time, prosecutors demand 10 million euros from the footballer. 
Despite Neymar Jr., in trouble could be Neymar Sr. as well for the same charges, ex club president Sandro Rosell and the club, Barcelona who are 'asked' to pay a penalty of 8.4 million euros. In addition of this accusations and before yesterday's game with Real Sociedad, the Barcelona star has crushed his Ferrari on a way to football training. Thankfully he was not injured but the 458 Spider suffered a minor damage. According to media, his car did a 180 degree turn on a slippery exit ramp.

Newest player who also can be in trouble could face an even harsh punishment. Out of the blue, now the Spanish prosecutors are after Samuel Eto'o's money. When he was in Barcelona from 2006 until 2009 the former Cameroonian international did not report income from sponsors, which damaged the state for approximately 3.46 million euros of unpaid taxes. If he is to be found guilty, the 35 year old Antalyaspor striker will be locked up on 10 and a half months with 14 million euros fine.
For fraud also in the list are: Jose Maria Mesalles Mata, Eto'o's agent and the administrator of the company.


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