01 November 2016

First games from round four

On a completely new month Champions league continue with a new round. Half of the games will conclude tonight and one pair already draw us so much attention.

- Besiktas - Napoli. After the surprise loss at home, now Napoli want to stage a revenge. But it will not be easy knowing that Besiktas has a very strong defence, particularly at home. However, the Turkish champions have difficulty in the group stages so another draw may come up.
- Atletico Madrid - Rostov. One of the predetermined game this evening is this pair. Bottom placed Rostov did not score a win in last three matches, so its an open way for Atletico Madrid to have a solid lead in the table, maintaining the 100 percent record.
- Benfica - Dynamo Kyiv. For the two placed bottom teams this is a crucial match, as whoever wins it gives a chance to continue to the next round. Dynamo Kyiv is in disadvantage from the hosts and without three points tonight Ukrainians will definitely be out of even advancing to that third place (Europa league) spot. On the other hand Portuguese champions Benfica, playing at home and with help of the supporters, can hold on to the victory.
- Borussia Moenchengladbach - Celtic. Mixed results from Borussia Moenchengladbach just shows that this pair can go either way. If the players will not be (too) relaxed, Celtic might easily steal the away victory. However, the importance of the match is for the home side to get new three points and stay on course for the second place in group C. With the Scottish's fight back it should be an interesting game to watch, but the points should remain at home.
- Manchester City - Barcelona. Humiliating defeat from the fierce rival two weeks ago put Manchester City in a difficult position to keep that second place in the group. Knowing that Borussia Moenchengladbach will win 'easily' their opponents, the hosts just have to win tonight's match. However, winning the game will be very very hard given the fact that the opponent is none other than Barcelona. Even if you are 100 percent focused on the game, one mistake can be enough to be a disaster later. There is not much to say about the visitors as it is already known about them, except with the fact that if the Catalans are victorious tonight we will (definitely) see them in the knockout phase next year. In this derby match the hosts will do everything to hold the Blaugrana away to a stalemate, but we cannot see how they will succeed that. With half the power they possess there will be another 'comfortable' win for the Spanish champions.
- PSV Eindhoven - Bayern Munich. This is another match where the winner is known in advance. With mixed results PSV Eindhoven is achieving it should not pose a big threat to their rivals. It is true that the Dutch champions gave Bayern Munich a hard time in the past. However, the Germans nowadays are a much stronger side and have to take this game 'without a sweat'.


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