15 November 2016

Long way to go in CONCACAF qualifiers

The hexagonal competition resumes this night and morning with the second day of games. Its not even a proper start for this last round, and out of nothing, the last two pairs will draw many of attention. After an exciting opening first leg last week and all victories for the away teams, can the hosts retaliate this time around?

- Honduras - Trinidad and Tobago. First to open matchday two in the CONCACAF zone is Honduras who surprisingly lost last week, and Trinidad and Tobago which (probably) from now happens to be the worst team in the group. By loosing its composure from the previous stage, where they knew nothing but victories, Trinidad and Tobago suddenly falls into low form. They create chances at the games however players look uninterested in it. On the other hand Honduras, which were very confident at home, suffered schock defeat last week at the very start in this campaign. To be back on old habits 'Los Catrachos' will have to begin winning from this one.
- Costa Rica - United States of America. This match in short can be interpreted like this: surprise winner from previous game against the favorites of the competition...and the only question here is: who will win? Costa Rica is a uncomfortable opponent when they are playing at home, and against this same rival the team is recording only victories. USA has never won (have only one draw) and will be interesting to see how will perform in the morning. From now it looks like that the odds are versus them as the (whole) team lost its composure which it once had. And playing against undefeated team at home means that another loss is going to follow, and negative tradition (unfortunately) will continue. Still, there is a third possibility, and that is a draw. But for that to happen visiting players need to be super focused for 90 plus minutes. However, Costa Rica will not sleep back and write second consecutive victory.
- Panama - Mexico. The mighty visitors travels in Panama for a second win, and it seems like that they will steal this game away. For Mexico everything is said in previous posts and nothing will be repeated. The hosts can go with the other option of draw, however their opponents will not allow that. Mixed results from Panama puts the visitors in the driving seat and a clear way for a (tight) win.


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